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Coastal California Zone (CST)

USAWP's Coastal California Zone (CST) assists in the growth and long-term development on all levels of water polo in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

Zone Policy and Procedures

Under USAWP’s Bylaws, discount the United States is divided into 11 Zones for administrative purposes. This division allows USAWP to delegate responsibility for certain of its functions and operations to local volunteers and permits local volunteers to have substantial input and control over USAWP’s activities in their locality.

Please take the time to review the 2015 Zone Policy & Procedure Manual. It terminates and replaces any previous zone policies, memorandum and any inconsistent oral or written descriptions of the Zone’s role within USA Water Polo.

Although the 2013 Zone Policy & Procedure Manual is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, no policy and procedure can anticipate every circumstance. Thus, should any questions arise regarding the contents of this Manual or Zone policies or procedures in general, you should feel free to contact USAWP staff, who can either provide you with guidance regarding the meaning of the provisions of this manual or cause USAWP’s Chief Executive Officer or Board of Directors to consider any policy issues that are not addressed in this Manual.

Download: 2015-Zone Policies and Procedures


Coastal California zone is one of 11 geographic USAWP zones to assist in the growth and long-term development on all levels of women’s and men’s water polo.


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