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Coastal California Zone (CST)

USAWP's Coastal California Zone (CST) assists in the growth and long-term development on all levels of water polo in Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties.

Event Host


Coastal Zone has designated a CCA Competition Officer to monitor each element of each event to comply with the USAWP event sanction and insurance coverage that comes with it. The Host’s key point of contact is the Competition Officer. The Competition Officer notifies the Referee Assigner that all sanction requirements are in place by sending the Host’s schedule, prompting assignment of USAWP certified referees to events. Host guidelines for scheduling, sanctions, etc. are set forth in the Coastal California Competition Manual, and apply to all events sanctioned by CCA for USAWP.


  1. Review zone calendar for open dates
  2. Request event dates from Coastal California Zone
  3. Request event sanction from Coastal California Zone at USAWP website (by Club Administrator log-in) complete “Sanction Request” Required for insurance coverage and referee assignment.
  4. Send event schedule to zone Competition Officer and Zone Assignor.
  5. Budget accordingly, see updated Referee Game Fees below.

Key Contacts:
Competition Officer at event@ccazone.org
Zone Assignor: ccaassign@gmail.com

NOTE: Referees will not be assigned to any event not properly sanctioned (thus posted) on the Coastal Zone Calendar. ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED an approved event request, the HOST is to contact Zone Assignor, Scott Brennand at ccaassign@gmail.com for referee assignments. Please see updated referee payment format below.

As distributed by Levon DermendjianNational Referee Manager

To be determined.

Assigning Fee to be added to invoiced amount: $2.00 per referee, per game.

Game Fee is only given to positions titles “Referee”. Game Fee is for all Coastal California Zone Levels of play. Game Fee pricing is determined by Referee’s Rank.

Pricing by Referee Rank:
$18.00 = Rookie
$23.00 = Level 1
$27.00 = Level 2
$32.00 = Level 3
$40.00 = Level 4
$49.00 = Level 5

(NOTE: This does not include an additional $2.00 assignment fee per referee per game, nor travel and per diem reimbursements.)

REFEREE FORMAT QUESTIONS: should be directed to Scott Brennand at ccaassign@gmail.com Head Referee Coastal California Zone.

Hosting Payment Fees 

For all zone leagues and zone hosting the following caps were introduced

  • $50 per game for hosting
  • $65 per game for both referees